University of Cambridge

Mobile Systems Research Lab

The Mobile Systems Research Lab concentrates on aspects related to the efficient and effective use of mobile and wearable systems to understand human behaviour and mobile health. Specifically this encompasses systems research related to efficiency of devices and communcation, novel sensing modalities and devices as well as on device machine learning, on one hand. On the other hand, it deals with the analysis of data generated by sensors and wearables with advanced machine learning techniques. The lab concentrates on applications related primarily to mobile health, fitness and sport.

Recent News

  • Our paper Exploring Longitudinal Cough, Breath, and Voice Data for COVID-19 Progression Prediction via Sequential Deep Learning: Model Development and Validation is out in JMIR and covered in this blog post.
  • Here is the syllabus of the new Mobile Health course! Watch this space for more content!
  • Prof Mascolo delivered the Ruzena Bajcsy Lecture on Communications and Resilience at TU Darmstadt in July 2022.
  • Prof Mascolo delivered an invited Talk at UCL Summer school on Biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases (talk on Wearable based Digital Biomarkers) in June 2022.
  • Our Covid Sounds Work won the Department's Better Future Award this year! Coverage here.
  • Our paper "Machine Learning Detects Altered Spatial Navigation Features in Outdoor Behaviour of Alzheimer’s Disease Patients" was published in Nature Scientific Reports. See publication page for details.
  • Our paper "Sounds of COVID-19: exploring realistic performance of audio-based digital testing" publshed in Npj Digital Medicine is covered in this blog post.
  • Prof Mascolo's University of Oxford Strachey Lecture talk can be found here.
  • Our paper on On-Device Emotion Recognition won the 10-Year Impact Award at ACM Ubicomp!
  • Prof Mascolo delivered a talk in the MIT IoT Seminar Series.
  • Prof Mascolo delivered the BCS/IET Turing Talk in February 2021.
  • Download our COVID-19-Sounds data collection app.
  • The COVID-19 Sounds workshop has nice recordings now online!